The SARC Experience


SARC Aviation, headquartered in New Delhi, INDIA provides a diverse range of flight support services such as Flight Permits, Charter, Flight Planning, Navigation, Governmental Flight Support and Ground Support including Handling, Fueling, and Concierge. Having sought a centralized aviation hub in the region to serve our international clients.IMPRINTING THE WORLDOur network of local flight support supervisory agents cover airports across the world, ensuring we are well placed to provide ground support services wherever they may be required. Our highly experienced team of qualified dispatchers deliver flight planning and flight tracking services utilizing modern and state of the art technology.Our Operations Control Centre in New Delhi stands ready 24/7 to ensure that your operational requests are processed promptly and with the utmost efficiency.FLIGHT SUPPORT SERVICES THAT HAVE STOOD THE TEST OF TIMEWe greatly value the strong relationships developed between our team and our clients and respect the loyalty and trust that they bestow on us. At SARC our sole objective is to work with you to achieve your goal by navigating you to your destination and supporting you when there. With more than three decades of experience we have a deep passion for what we do.


  • Delivering highly reliable flight support solutions
  • Responding speedily and professionally to all your requirements
  • Continually monitoring events that may cause it to be necessary to consider re-planning
  • Providing services offering excellent value for money
  • Providing the expertise necessary to support the services required of all categories and types of operations.





More than thirty years of experience gives us the necessary understanding 

of all permit requirements, and keeps us up to date with new regulatory 

developments in the industry, thanks to our distinct professional relationship 

with Civil Aviation Authorities around the world.We have the ability to secure all required flight permits in the fastest and mostefficient way.We look after overflight and landing clearances for a wide range of flight types, from commercial airlines to VIP flight operators and emergency flights, anywhere inthe world, in the shortest time, and at competitive prices.



Wherever you go in the world, we can provide reliable on-demand ground handling services with the full efficiency, excellence and accuracy. Our geographical reach is unrivaled and we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients through our vast chain of partners and representatives. From ramp handling, VIP, passenger, cargo and luggage handling, hotel accommodation, meet and assist, catering, transportation, customs and immigration assistance, we can take care of all your flight requirements. We understand the hassle of payment for handling services in many parts of the world, where credit cards are not accepted and carrying cash is a serious risk, our popular cost-effective credit facility program was designed to eliminate your payment concerns in the most convenient way for you.



Our worldwide aviation fuel services aim to offer you complete peace of mind, guaranteeing reliable, timely and efficient fuel supply. Benefiting from economies of scale, we are able to offer very competitive prices to our customers. In addition, we can also provide fuel in the most difficult locations on credit. The team of aviation fuel service professionals is on hand 24/7 to provide up-to-date aviation fuel price quotations. To meet your needs as quickly as possible, is our prerogative.



Unlock a bespoke support network of services for VVIPS available 24/7. Commitment to professionalism goes beyond the planning of your trip and flight support. With a team of dedicated Concierge professionals, all trained and covering different languages, we are ready and waiting to organize your trip without any hindrances or disappointment. Our elite services provide for every possible amenity including Hotel booking, VIP transportation, meet and greet services, visa assistance, travel insurance, fine dining, security, car rentals, tours and guides, spa treatments, and chauffeured limousines. We look after overflight and landing clearances for a wide range of flight types, from commercial airlines to VIP flight operators and emergency flights, anywhere inthe world, in the shortest time, and at competitive prices.



The strong understanding of the markets we operate in and the relationships we have developed with a large base of operating partners over the years enable us to provide high level and cost efficient air charter services to our clients. Our highly skilled service teams are well positioned to provide high levels of charter services tailored to our clients’ requirements. SARC AVIATION can provide the following types of charter services to any destination of your requirement:

  • VIP and Royal charter
  • Business and Corporate charter
  • Medical Aircraft charter
  • Cargo charter
  • Passenger charter



Our team of professional and certified dispatchers use state-of-the-art flight planning systems to provide reliable and accurate flight plans that work in compliance with all stakeholders involved. Our own in-house dispatchers customize flight plans and tailor your needs by combining different flight planning systems that give the most optimum flight plans. HADID provides flight plans based on innumerable parameters including flight destinations, aircraft performance, weather conditions etc. ensuring fuel efficiency and accurate flights while putting safety and security first.
Our flight planning services include:

  • Flight Crew Briefings
  • ATC Filings
  • Test Plans
  • Route Analysis
  • Data Uplink
  • Flight Watch
  • USA TSA waiver
  • US eapis
  • Caricom



Having a reputation of 20 years in the general aviation industry means the strength of the SARC brand, offers navigation support in collaboration with a valuable and expansive network of Civil Aviation Authorities in India & Asian country, ensuring efficient and foreseeable services. SARC’s long-standing and sturdy reputation enables permit generation without any hindrances. Your accounts are managed to secure settled bills and a hassle free route when flying to your destination. Our navigation department meticulously plans routes and strategically calculates the best solutions to integrate flights crossing airspace, the billing cycles and accounting systems of the different Civil Aviation Authorities. Furthermore, SARC is able to provide credit facilities regardless of the medium used to obtain over flight permits, guaranteeing the authenticity of billing and invoicing correlating with your operations with the Authorities’ records. As we correct any inconsistencies and consolidate accurate exchange rates and payments in appropriate currencies during our navigational summaries, with SARC Aviation Navigation Services you will find your operational costs reducing.



Our streamlined services allow us to conduct proper support and empower you to focus on strategic decisions that impact the international arena by ensuring that we establish flight arrangements punctually and accordingly with official procedures and policies. We bring the same impeccable quality and range of services that we have for Business aircrafts to the support of Diplomatic Missions, Heads of State, Air Forces, United Nation Missions, Chartered Diplomatic Delegations, Foundations, National Teams, Ministries and NGOs for both cargo and passenger flights. Our attentiveness to detail and vast experience translate into delivering on the requirements of missions efficiently and discreetly. Our specialized team appointed solely for the purpose of providing Governmental Flight Support, undergoes rigorous training and are equipped to handle such missions with the highest confidentiality supported by an advanced internal system that secures the dealings of the details of the given operations. In difficult locations we ensure the most reliable and comprehensive solutions for ground handling and fueling services on the ground.


SARC Aviation is committed to operating with the highest levels of honesty, transparency, and integrity in its dealings with customers and agents.  It is SARC’s policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates, including applicable economic sanctions and anti-money laundering laws.

Economic Sanctions

In its commitment to comply with applicable economic sanctions established by the United Nations, European Union, United States, INDIA and other jurisdictions where it operates, SARC’s company policy is to refrain from any operations or provision of services involving the banned countries.

Anti-Money Laundering

SARC has policies in place to help prevent money laundering.  SARC AVIATION conducts business only with reputable customers with funds derived from legitimate sources.  SARC AVIATION conducts “Know Your Customer” due diligence on its customers and clients.

For more information about our sanctions and anti-money laundering standards, or to report suspected sanctions or money laundering violations, please contact SARC’s Administration Department admin@sarcaviation.in or +919311445611